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You must log in to edit Common Knowledge data. Skinned 1. I ran like my life depended on it. We turned to stare at the two massive werewolves thundering toward us from the trees. References to this work on external resources. Wikipedia in English None. Book description.

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The Skin Color Paradox and the American Racial Order

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And on top of it all, Paige, Eryn's cousin seems to have a weird case of amnesia after the spell that a fellow friend, Kate, put on her to forget about an incident. Eryn must find a way to banish the ancient demon, fix Paige, and figure out her feelings between Alec and Wade. I hadn't realized that this was part of a series. Without having read the first one, it was very easy to follow along to, with interesting paranormal events with every turn of the page. Eryn, the main character is a strong willed, independent individual, who has her own personal demons to face.

I loved the fact that this book was filled with so many different paranormal aspects, that reading this book was never a dull moment. I enjoyed reading the love triangle between Eryn, Alec, and Wade, and wanted to find out more. The relationship between Eryn and Alec was sweet and caring, while the relationship between Eryn and Wade was dark and mysterious.

And though she seems to be trusting Wade more than she does Alec, it'll be very interesting to see who she really ends up with. It was very entertaining to read how each character's night mares were different, and the significance behind it. It was also interesting to read that an actual town was filled with paranormal creatures. The fact that everyone has a different power mixed with a night mare demon, made everything much more creepy.

Overall, an awesome read, with interesting characters, and a town filled with twists and turns at every angle. Reviewed for Readers Favorite Through the visions of Marie, Alec's mom, and Alec himself, and the sights given to her by Wade, Eryn knew what was to come, and she didn't like it one bit! In order to save the town of Redgrave she would have to give in to her inner wolf, and it would cost someone she cared about their life.

She wasn't ready to face that, but whether she was ready or not, the showdown was approaching. Second Skin Skinned Book 2 finds Eryn still caught between Alec and Wade, still trying to find out what happened to her parents, and still unsure of herself. Things are getting more hairy and deadly in the town of Redgrave, this time, all the parties are going to have to work together if they want to save the town.

Author Judith Graves weaves teenage feelings into this story of friendship, betrayal, romance and good vs evil.


Second Skin is the second book in the Skinned series and continues right where the first book, Under My Skin left off. It has the main characters, a small band of teenagers fighting the paranormal in the town of Redgrave and keeping most of the town from knowing anything about it. Of course there is the local sheriff, Logan, a vampire of the worst sense that has his own agenda keeping the kids on edge too. Author Judith Graves weaves many layers of story into this novel, friendships, romances, family, betrayals, and so much more.

It will keep you on the edge of your seat, turning page after page until all the sudden you are at the end and wanting more! This is a wonderful book for young adults and adults alike. I also feel comfortable in recommending it for middle school readers and younger as parents see fit. May 22, Sharrice rated it it was amazing Shelves: ebooks. After I read these two books I had no idea what to think. Throughout the entire first book you pretty much know only about three main characters are supernaturals.

At the end more characters have reveled themselves and I swear I never saw it coming. The main characters spends most of the entire first book fighting both sides of herself. She's a half wolven which is just a different more modern day werewolf. Kinda like Underworlds werewolves. They can change into humans, and have thoughts. Werewo After I read these two books I had no idea what to think.

Werewolves on the other hand can't change back into humans and have little to no humanity left in them. So Eryn throughout most of the series is trying to figure out what to do with herself. It's more or less extremely annoying. Everyone is super secretive, even though they say they're friends which like I said annoying.

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Nobody trusts each other, and it's just dumb. The humor in this story is probably the only aspect that kept me reading. The song She Wolf reminds me of these two books is because, Eryn is trying to keep her wolven half trapped inside of her, and hidden from the entire world. Even herself. Even when she feels the pull of the moon, and uses her wolven super powers she still acts like it doesn't happen. The part of the song that reminds me of that is "There's a She Wolf in your closet, let it out so it can breathe. View 1 comment. Jun 14, Terri rated it really liked it. K, I am not gonna lie I am a little bias because this book was written by a local author but I really enjoyed it.

It is a young adult novel and the 2nd in a series. I love the characters and they are very well written. The main character is a strong female role which is really refreshing to see in modern literature. It is not an extremely difficult read which makes sense since it is geared toward a mostly teen audience but the author packs a lot of action and plot depth into a meager pages K, I am not gonna lie I am a little bias because this book was written by a local author but I really enjoyed it.

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It is not an extremely difficult read which makes sense since it is geared toward a mostly teen audience but the author packs a lot of action and plot depth into a meager pages which is a refreshing change over the current trend of novels which double as doorstops and are weighed down with descriptive narrative and endless internal monologues simply for the sake of page filler. I would recommend this book series for anyone who enjoys the mythological world of vamps and weres and is looking for a nice light read. My favourite feature of this series might be that it puts vampires back in the traditional role of "bad guy", definitely worth a read and I will definitely be buying the 3rd novel in this series.

Oct 26, LibraryCin rated it really liked it Shelves: supernatural , young-adult , teenagers , werewolves , shapeshifters , alberta , canadian-fiction , canada , dreams , high-school. This is book 2 in the Skinned series. But clothes also carry a mental function.

The Old Women Who Were Skinned - Lightspeed Magazine

The psychological force at work behind this powerful transformation is called contagion — the belief that objects carry the essence of their owner and can contaminate another person through physical contact. Contagion is the reason why second hand underwear rarely sells, but there are also instances of positive contagion: hand-me-downs can be a much awaited treasure when they represent a person we are seeking to become.

But it was meant to be. The other two dresses experienced a similar fate. When our self grows in strength, the buffer provided by our clothing, which is part of our extended self, is no longer needed and is easily discarded.

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I can very much relate to her story. Despite my efforts to cultivate sustainability in my wardrobe, the only piece that has survived the test of time is my first ever leather jacket. I only keep it for the emotional connection to a former version of myself that it preserves. While I was never one to ascribe to meagre clothing, I had my own methods of recklessness — too embarrassing to be disclosed here. According to psychologist Russell W.