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  2. 6 Romances, Op.16 (Tchaikovsky, Pyotr)
  3. Mieczysław Weinberg (Moisei Samuilovich Vainberg ) - Discographie
  4. Mozart Symphony No. 40 for Flute and Piano 2007

Score and part : Chester Music; Masters Music. Legend-Sonata for Cello and Piano Rhapsodic Ballad for Unaccompanied Cello Score : Warner Chappell.

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Sonata for Cello and Piano Sonatina for Cello and Piano Note : These derive from the ballet Tamara Sonata for Flute and Harp Score and part : Fatrock Ink. Note : The Fatrock Ink edition is far preferable to an earlier one published by Lyra Music, which contains several errors. Score and part : Edition db in course of preparation. Note : Only the first two movements were written or survive. Sonata [in D] Note : Only the first movement was written or survives.

Fatrock Ink. Warner Chappell. Fantasia Royal Academy of Music. Festival Overture [arrangement of orchestral work] Score : Graham Parlett. Note : The name of the arranger is unknown; it may be Vivian Langrish or Bax himself, but the manuscript is not in his hand. Mediterranean [arranged for three hands by H.

6 Romances, Op. 16: No. 1, Cradle Song

Rich] Chester Music. Moy Mell Chester Music; Masters Music.

Note : There is also an unpublished arrangement for two pianos three hands by Lionel Salter: Chester Music. Hardanger Poisoned Fountain, The Sonata Burlesque Studio Music; Masters Music. Ceremonial Dance British Library. Note : These juvenilia are unpublished, except for the Nocturne : Thames.

Concert Valse Concertante for Piano left hand and Orchestra [slow movement abridged and arranged for piano solo both hands by William Lloyd Webber] Studio Music. Country-Tune, A Warner Chappell; Thames; Masters Music. Dream in Exile Fand Music. Note : Orchestrated in Hill Tune, A In a Vodka Shop Augener; Masters Music. Not e: Orchestrated in as part of the Russian Suite. In the Night Legend, A Lullaby Warner Chappell; Masters Music.

Lyrical Pieces, Two Note : Arranged from the film score Oliver Twist. The Maiden with the Daffodil Marcia Trionfale Mountain Mood, A Nereid Chester Music; Masters Music; Thames. Nocturne O Dame get up and bake your pies Warner Chappell; Thames. On a May Evening Arranged for organ by William Barr. Romance, A Russian Tone-Pictures, Two Nocturne May-Night in the Ukraine.

Chester ; Masters Music. Note : For the orchestral versions see Russian Suite Scherzo Fand Music in preparation. Note : Orchestrated in , revised as Symphonic Scherzo. Serpent Dance Slave Girl, The Sleepy-Head Thames; Masters Music. Sonata, Op. Boole Library.

Note : First movement completed; the Adagio has three bars only. Note : This is an 18th-century pastiche. One theme was re-used in the slow movement of the Violin Concerto. Sonata in D minor Sonata in E flat Note : This is the original version of the First Symphony, the slow movement being quite different in the orchestral version. Arranged in for harp and strings. Toccata What the Minstrel told us Water Music Whirligig White Peace, The [arranged by Ronald Stevenson] Note : The original is for voice and piano. Winter Waters Carter; 3 Graham Barber.

Arranged by William Barr. Full score, vocal score, and parts : Warner Chappell. Fatherland Runeberg, tr. Bax [tenor solo] , rev. Vocal score : also Recital Publications. Note : The printed vocal score is of the version. The only extant full score is of the revision. To the Name above every Name Crashaw [soprano solo] To Russia Masefield [baritone solo] The original song, composed jointly by Bax, Bridge, Goossens and Ireland, is for voice and piano.

Walsinghame Anon. Full score, vocal score, and parts : Warner Chappe ll. String orchestra. Full score and parts : Warner Chappell. Vocal score : Studio Music. The full score has the words in English only; the vocal score has both English and Polish words. Studio Music; Banks Music. Gloria [SATB] Magnificat [SATB] Note : Originally for solo voice with piano. Score and part : Studio Music; Banks Music. Of a rose I sing a song Anon. Chorus part: Studio Music. Christmas Carol, A Anon.

In David Hill ed. Note: Originally for voice and piano. Greek Folksongs , Five trans. Happy Birthday to You Hill [arr. SATB] Unpublished nine bars only. Manuscript : Scheide Library, Princeton. Score : Parlett. I sing of a maiden that is makeless Anon. Also in Christopher Morris comp. Mater, ora Filium Anon. This Worldes Joie Anon. What is it like to be young and fair? Orchestration of version: 1 1. Note : The unpublished version had the songs in a different order and contained an extra song, The Song of the Dagger , for bass voice and orchestra detailed separately below.

Eternity Herrick [high voice] Manuscript : British Library. Score and string transparencies only : Parlett other parts missing. Lyke-Wake, A Anon.

6 Romances, Op.16 (Tchaikovsky, Pyotr)

Manuscript : London University Library. String parts only : Parlett other parts missing. Nocturnes, Two [soprano] O Dear! What can the matter be? Bax [arranged for voice and wind band by Leonard B. Smith] Score and parts : Bovaco. Song of the Dagge r, The St rettell and Sylva [bass] Full and vocal scores and parts : Parlett. Note : This song was No. Songs, Three [high voice] Viking-Battle-Song Macleod [baritone] Orchestrated by Graham Parlett Welcome, Somer Chaucer [baritone] Unpubl ished.

Wild Almond Trench [high voice] , orchestrated Parts : In course of preparation. Note : This work has never been performed. Score : Britten-Pears Library. Parts : Parlett. Note : Also available with piano. O Mistress mine Shakespeare [high voice with string quartet] c. Aspiration Dehmel, trans. Bax [arranged for high voice with violin, cello, and piano] Durations are not given except for a few unusually long songs.

Graham Parlett is in the process of putting many of the unpublished songs on to Sibelius. Bax Note : Also available with piano trio accompaniment. Chester Music; Recital Publications. Canadian arr. Bax] Note : Orchestrated Dream Child Newton c. Du Blomst i Dug Jacobsen Enfantines, Trois trad.

French, trans. Agate, arr. Note : Words in both French and English. Eternity Herrick Note : Also with orchestra. Fairies, The Allingham Far in a Western Brookland Housman Gosse Note : The words are printed in both Norwegian and English. From the Uplands to the Sea Macleod Note : There are two versions of this song, one with solo piano, the other with two pianos. Note : Also orchestrated by Rodney Newton. Golden Guendolen Morris Privately owned.

Green Branches Macleod Green grow the Rashes O!

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Burns Hushing Song, A Macleod I fear thy kisses, gentle maiden Shelley I have house and land in Kent [trad. I know myself no more, my child AE In the Morning Housman Note : Harriet Cohen made an arrangement for piano solo not extant. In the Silences of the Woods Macleod Warner Chappell; Recital Publications. Warner Chappell; Recital Publications; 2 and 3 also Thames. Cradle Song also arr. Isla Macleod Jack and Jone Campion [Thomas Campion, arr. Landskab Jacobsen Kongelige Bibliotek, Copenhagen. Leader, A AE University College Dublin. Leaves, Shadows and Dreams Macleod Longing Macleod Lullaby, A MacCarthy Lyke-Wake Dirge, A Anon.

London University Library. Magnificat Note : Arranged for chorus with organ in Maid and the Miller, The trad. Marguerite Morris Market Girl, The Hardy Milking Sian, A Macleod Note : Also with string quartet accompaniment. Note : There is also an arrangement for voice and wind band by Leonard B. O Mistress mine Shakespeare On the Bridge Hardy Out and Away Stephens Parting AE French Note : Rondels differ from roundels in the number of lines they contain. Song in the Twilight, The Freda Bax Songs from the Norse, Three Parlett in course of preparation.

Splendour falls, The Tennyson To my Homeland Gwynn Tote Kind, Das Meyer Traditional Songs of France arr. Treue Liebe Anon. German Note : Also orchestrated by Goossens. Viking-Battle-Song Mircath Macleod Watching the Needleboats Joyce c. When I was one-and-twenty Housman White Peace, The Macleod Wild Almond Trench Britten-Pears Library. Youth C. Unpublished vocal juvenilia in the British Library Note : Titles have been supplied in brackets for untitled songs.

Mieczysław Weinberg (Moisei Samuilovich Vainberg ) - Discographie

Anderson [I will dream] C. Rossetti Corbies, The Twa trad. Ballet Suite Two movements completed in short score only.

British Library; Graham Parlett. Carnival c. Short-score sketches only.

Mozart Symphony No. 40 for Flute and Piano 2007

Last performed in Dance Prelude and Lament of the Swan-Princess Don Quixote Mentioned by Bax in two letters. Fanfares, Two [brass, percussion and organ] A recording of one is extant. Frog-Skin, The [ballet] No performance traced. Journey into History [film score] Missing, but the soundtrack, the piano score British Library , and some string parts BBC Music Library are extant, the last currently mislaid.

Reconstruction by Graham Parlett in preparation. Love-Song Why is this one placed this high, then? The magic is simply high with this one. A classic, very appealing song. Cradle of Filth provides us, as always, with phenomenal poetry. Tissues, again. You can truly feel the pain of losing your loved one in this song. This is pretty much a poem put to music though, not really a song. One of those songs that has you hooked from the very beginning.

The slow build-up of this song gives it a beautiful dark vibe. This song is cool. Possibly the most bombastic music on this list. It makes this song all the more fun to listen to. Admitted; this is not the most goth song of the lot. This is what you call a hidden gem. This is dark, scary, poetic and quite unique.

It looks at love as if it is a game, and a dangerous one too. This deserves more points for darkness than I could give. This song is stunningly wonderful. Why is it not number 1 you ask? Read the title of the song. A song about what might be the greatest gothic romance of all time. In all honesty, this one song tells the story of Wuthering Heights better than any movie or series adaptation out there. I think not. Who else can possibly take the top spot? It tells the story of love quite unlike any other. Sad and melancholic, the lyrics are brilliant in their simplicity and together with the rather distinct, more fast-paced melody make this song a very special piece of art.

Again, if you want to hear the whole playlist, click here. This is a great list, especially with Cradle of Filth in here unashamed lifelong fan. Their newer tracks are also really good and back in form. Like Like. Thanks a lot! Glad you liked the list! Like Liked by 1 person. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.