e-book Emily and the Rainbow Umbrella (An Illustrated Childrens Picture Book about Colors and Diversity)

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March 2018
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Through discussions and interactions with the painters, the boy learns about painting and is finally able to achieve his goal.

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The alphabet room by Pinto, Sara Look at this illustrated sequence of hidden doors. As you look behind each door, different pictures accumulate from A to Z. You'll find 26 surprises in the alphabet room A Board Book. Learn the sequence of the alphabet from A to Z and new flowers too.

Summersaults by Florian, Douglas Through the use of many rhyming and descriptive words, each poem highlights good, bad, fun, and crazy times during the summer.

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Brown bear, brown bear: What do you see? In the end, a mother looks at a variety of children. Monster and the mural by Blance, E. Monster has a new-found hobby; painting! His inspired friends crowd into his house to try painting too. In order to avoid a mess, Monster invites his friends to go outside and paint an old brown wall in the city. Together, they create a beautiful mural of a park. It is eye-catching and makes everyone in the community happy! A bad case of stripes by Shannon, David Camilla Cream absolutely enjoys eating lima beans.

She is afraid, though, that her friends will make fun of her for eating them. After getting dressed one morning, she looks in the mirror to find herself covered in stripes! If she thought eating lima beans was embarassing, what will her peers think of her stripes? Alphabet adventure by Wood, Audrey The little letters are going to school to help teach children their alphabet and how to write.

What's My Superpower: Geek Books for Kids

Along the way little i loses her dot, and cannot go on to school without it. The letters go on an adventure as they look for little i's dot. They then decide that they must choose something to replace the dot so they can get to school to help the children. As i chooses a cherry and its about to leave, her dot comes out from a game of hide and seek just in time to find charley awaiting them at the school. Shes believes that by wearing all of her pretty dresses and fine jewelry, she will look her best. She realizes that too many clothes can be hot and cumbersome and does not make it to the dance with her friends.

After missing the dance, she gives many of her nice things away and decides that it is better to wear one simple dress than to try too hard to look special with all her pretty dresses and fine jewelry. Hunter bunny learns to ski by Weaver, Alexis Rae Hunter Bunny is eagerly awaiting for winter to arrive and is determined to take part in all the activities that come along with it. He visits his fellow animal friends who teach him to ski, skate and snowboard, but with Hunter Bunny's shorter leg, he is unable to be successful.

With the help of his best friend Clark, the two find a way for Hunter to be able to ski in the animal ski race.

“Casual Diversity” and the children’s book

Determined to win, Hunter Bunny practices day and night for the big competition and it pays off in the end when he brings home the first place ribbon. The shape of me and other stuff by Seuss, Dr. Read and explore the uniqueness of everything around us. Everything and everyone has their own shape and we should be proud of the one we have. Oh say can you say? Oh say can you say is filled with tongue twisters to make the reading fun yet challenging.

The story features pages of rhymes ranging from animals to people. Henrietta and the golden eggs by Johansen, Hanna Once upon a time, 3, chickens lived in a small, crowded chikcen yard and everyday Henrietta, the baby chicken, finds a way out and everyone follows. Soon the manager builds a large, open chicken house and Henrietta lays her first egg.

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  • Best best colors by Hoffman, Eric Nate finds it difficult to decide which color is his favorite. Every time he sees a new color, he likes it better than the other.

    10 Picture Books About Colors

    Labels: illustration award , picture books , sebastian walker award , viola wang. You can see the full selection of titles below. We Found a Hat by Jon Klassen. Good to luck to all the illustrators long-listed! You can pick copies of all these books at your local bookshop. Labels: kate greenaway. Top new picture book picks for February.

    What a great selection we have for you this month! And carries an umbrella? And is a lion still a lion if he asks for a dance? A Busy Day for Birds. Flap your wings, fly up high, open your beak and sing in this fun action rhyme story about fantastical birds by multi-award-winning author Lucy Cousins. Yes, a bird! How about say "cock-a-doodle-doo! What a busy day you will have!

    The 2018 Ultimate List of Diverse Children’s Books

    A bouncy read-aloud book to be enjoyed; beautifully illustrated with bold, bright colours and packed with all sorts of wild and wonderful birds! Little Mouse wants to play in the woods. They are dark and full of big scary animals. But Little Mouse isn't afraid of anything — or is she? Lift the flap to find out. A charming story about bravery — with a hilarious lift the flap surprise — from a Kate Greenaway Medal-shortlisted illustrator, who has been described by The Washington Post as "the thinking tot's Eric Carle".

    Hilda and the Runaway Baby. Hilda the pot-bellied pig lives at the foot of a hill. Life is uneventful and she is always where she expects herself to be. At the top of the hill lives a mischievous baby who is never ever where people expect him to be … which is why he is known as the Runaway Baby. There are living things everywhere: the more we look, the more we find. There are creatures on the tops of the tallest jungle trees, at the bottom of the coldest oceans, even under the feathers of birds and in boiling volcanic pools.

    So how many different kinds are there?

    Books that Promote Diversity and Inclusion