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Meaning "moderately, fairly, tolerably" good enough was in Middle English. Understated sense of have had enough "have had too much" was in Old English which relied heavily on double negatives and understatement. Colloquial 'nough said is attested from Synonyms for enough abundant adequate ample full sufficient suitable bellyful acceptable all right already bounteous bountiful comfortable competent complete copious decent enough already fed up had it last straw lavish plenteous plentiful replete satisfactory satisfying sick and tired of sufficing unlimited up to here MOST RELEVANT.

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We do not want to make humans fit our technology, our technology fits humans instead. Open Xchange took over all Enough Software employees, our office and even the furniture. Is this the end of Enough Software? It certainly is the end of Enough Sofware as we know it.

Let me elaborate Archive August - Today We want to make a difference and keep Enough Software running as a side project to create meaningful communities such as openexperiments. The transition phase finished in September Enough Software releases the first Mobile Developers Guide to the Galaxy - a beloved booklet that inspires the mobile app development community for the years to come.

At its best 'Enough' is thought provoking and full of interesting practical advice. It can get a bit repetitive at times especially towards the end when the same points about social media and digital selves are rehashed over and over again.

Simple settings, complex menus, and so-so monitoring

Still, a good read and it left me with some interesting experiments to try out in my own life. Informative book I like that the book made me think differently then I usually do. It made me more aware of how to spent my time constructively. Also, the book was very positive and encouraging on ways to change. A nice collection of essays At times it felt a bit scattered; I think I may have enjoyed a more through-composed book on a single subject along these lines.

Whole Enough

Still, some really great thoughts to chew on. Sep 22, Paul Craig rated it it was amazing. A concise collection of desperately needed and essential essays for living in these distracted and complicated times. Patrick Rhone is razor sharp with his prose Lots of wisdom in this book, along with practical steps that can be implemented.

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It did start to feel a bit repetitive in the latter third. Jul 16, Bruno rated it it was ok. I really felt that this book wasn't about the enough concept, it was more like why is important to know how and when to use technology, it told some other things, though. Nov 28, Victor rated it really liked it. An easy to read compilation of articles, this is a nice criticism of consumerism and technology creating a divide between people.

All his points resonate d with me. May 27, Marco Regina rated it it was amazing. Everyone should read this book. Super interesting and on point. If everyone read it Seeing Life as Enough Deeply enjoyed this book!

Enough () - IMDb

It brought so much insight to what I already felt was true. Truly changed my perspective about what I personally find to be enough. Jul 24, Ade rated it it was ok Shelves: essays. Yes, because what the world needs now is more pontifications from middle class white guys who own Macs.

Patrick Rhone has suggestions to help you become a better, preppier, middle-classier Mac owner: stop dicking around on the Internet so much, read a book now and then, learn to really appreciate those interpersonal moments, have some Deep Thoughts and don't get distracted by books like this. Kidding; that last one is mine.

Pay me. It's not a bad book: fairly pleasant light reading, and not parti Yes, because what the world needs now is more pontifications from middle class white guys who own Macs. It's not a bad book: fairly pleasant light reading, and not particularly long either. The references at the end probably contain the real meat. Pray initiate me further into the inner mysteries of your holy existence, oh guru. Patrick's a writer, he's a "creative" and he uses a Macbook: he probably has about as much relevance to your own daily struggle as an exquisitely designed letter opener, unless you're one of the people on his blogroll.

Enough Software

Go on, put this down, get out there and "observe the passers-by while silently sipping great! Oh, you have to work instead?

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Too bad. View all 3 comments. Dec 28, Mike Vardy rated it it was amazing. All we really need is enough. My enough will be very different from yours. This book is a must-read and a must-have on your bookshelf so that you can return to it whenever you feel the need. Even one essay will bring a sense of order to the chaos because each essay compels the reader to look inward All we really need is enough.

Even one essay will bring a sense of order to the chaos because each essay compels the reader to look inward and deal with it rather than push it aside. Without question, enough is a masterful work. Jul 30, Priyank Aggarwal rated it liked it. It's good to read fresh new views on simplicity after reading those of Leo, The Minimalists Duane Elgin and others. The book is an easy read, the views and topics are easily digestable and the style is quite impressive. But I found some repetition and some superfluous stuff as per moi.

Still a good read and worth buying. May 27, Derek Choi rated it liked it.

I'm a very avid follower of the blog of Patrick Rhone so I had pretty high expectations for this book.