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Exotic Plant Garden to Visit in Stone Ridge, New York. | Edible Hudson Valley

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See our privacy policy. In the Iron Islands, House Volmark is said to descend from House Hoare in the female line, but due to the odd elective kingship practices of the ironborn, they do not have a particularly better claim to rule than House Greyjoy. House Gardener, however, had intermarried with many of the other noble Houses of the Reach, making them younger branches of the main Gardener line.

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These include the Florents and Tyrells, as well as the Rowans and Oakhearts. The Tyrells can only claim descent from the Gardeners through the female line, however, the Florents are directly descended from the Gardeners through a male line a younger Gardener brother married a Florent at one point. Because the Tyrells willingly surrendered Highgarden, however, the Targaryens skipped over the Florents to appoint the Tyrells as rulers of the Reach. This makes the situation in the Reach quite unique among the Seven Kingdoms, because the deposed former Great House isn't exactly "extinct" despite being formally disestablished and there are other Houses that actually possess a superior claim to rule based on male-line descent than the current ruling House.

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This situation has resulted in the Tyrells generally following a policy of towing the Targaryen line during their rule. Elected king , currently Bran I the Broken. Instead of allying with the invaders against other First Men , they took precautions against possible Andal invasions. King Gwayne IV the Gods-fearing sought aid from the children of the forest , while Mern II the Mason constructed a new curtain wall around Highgarden and encouraged his bannermen to do the same. Mern III the Madling supported a woods witch who claimed she could raise armies of the dead.

The anticipated Andal attacks never occurred, however. When the disunited Andals eventually reached the realm of the Gardeners generations later, however, they were welcomed by the Three Sage Kings. The Three Sage Kings who followed one another on the Oakenseat — Garth IX , his son Merle I the Meek , and his grandson Gwayne V — were a trio of cunning and wise kings who used a policy of accord and assimilation with the Andals rather than armed resistance. Although he continued to worship the old gods , Garth IX made a septon part of his councils and the first sept at Highgarden was built during his reign.

Merle I converted to the Faith of the Seven and become its patron, helping to fund and build septs, septries, and motherhouses across the Reach.

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  • Gwayne V was the first Gardener King born into the new Faith, as well as the first to be made a knight. The Three Sage Kings took Andals into their service as knights and retainers.

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    The Gardeners also encouraged Andal craftsmen, specially blacksmiths and stonemasons, to settle throughout the Reach, supplying them and their bannermen with iron instead of bronze and strengthening their castles with Andal masonry. Most new lords remained loyal and helped the Gardeners against internal and external threats. Maester Yandel writes that seldom had a conquest been achieved with less bloodshed.

    The centuries that followed the assimilation with the Andals were less peaceful, and the Gardener kings and one queen varied in wisdom and strength. The elderly and senile Garth had sired only daughters, who were married to the rival Lords Manderly and Peake.

    Once the rival lords began warring, the Lannisters , Durrandons , and Dornish attack the kingdom.

    House Gardener

    The anarchy that followed lasted almost a decade until Ser Osmund Tyrell , the High Steward of Highgarden , made common cause with the other lords of the Reach and defeated both the Peakes and the Manderlys, reclaimed the ruins of Highgarden, and supported Mern VI Gardener , a second cousin of Garth, as king.