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Abigail Thom Graves abt - abt 06 Nov James A. Thom abt managed by Jon Hall.

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Archibald Thom abt Scotland, United Kingdom. Eva M. Thom Andersen s - s. Lydia A Thom Pennsylvania. Sarah Thom Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania - bef last edited 10 Apr Elizabeth Thom Pennsylvania. Isabella Thom Harrow, Colony of Victoria - William A. Thom 02 May - 14 Dec Andrew Thom abt Brechin, Angus, Scotland. Margaret Thom Aug Scotland,,,. Andrew Thom abt managed by Rosemary Thom. Laurence J. Thom s - s. Unknown Thom. Andrew Thom Scotland, United Kingdom - Dorothea Regina Thom Germany last edited 26 Feb Margaret Thom Purdon bef managed by Dianne Gibson.

Janet W. Thom Sharp s - s managed by Bethaney Wilberforce last edited 17 Feb John Thom - bef managed by Marjorie Gibbon. William Thom Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland. George Thom - 21 May last edited 8 Dec James Duguid Thom abt - 09 Feb William Thom abt Scotland, United Kingdom. James Thom abt George Thom abt Watford, Hertfordshire, England. William Thom abt Watford, Hertfordshire, England. Florence Thom abt Wimbledon, Surrey, England. Emily Thom abt Christchurch, Hampshire, England.

Leon C. Thom s managed by Leon Thom last edited 12 Oct 1.

Gartenmöbel, Loungemöbel & Outdoormöbel aus Holland

James Thom 17 Jan William Alexander Thom Virginia - Abigail Thom abt - abt Alexander Thom abt Scotland - abt John Thom Westmoreland, Virginia - Margaret Thom Johnston abt - bef managed by Robert Cuthill. Archibald Thom bef John Thom Scotland, United Kingdom - Alexander Thom abt Stevenston, Ayrshire, Scotland - bef Unlisted Thom managed by Chris Macneill last edited 5 Aug Unlisted Thom managed by Chris Macneill last edited 12 Jul Clarence Stewart Thom - Phyllis A. Thom Saunders s - s managed by Peter Kerr last edited 27 Jun Francis Harry Thom abt John Thom abt Glengairn, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Agnes Thom Watt last edited 24 May Unknown Thom managed by Beverley Scott last edited 22 May Archibald Thom managed by Scott Smith. Mary Thom managed by Cathrine Innes. Unknown Thom managed by Robert Grow last edited 23 Apr Unknown Thom managed by Faith Wainwright. Catherina M. Margaret Thom abt managed by Jon Hall last edited 22 Feb Janet C. Thom Burch abt last edited 19 Feb Teresa A. Thom managed by Teresa Thom last edited 3 Feb 2. Frances Thom aft - managed by Faith Wainwright last edited 27 Jan Robert Thom - abt Alfred Aitken Thom bef - aft William James Thom bef - aft Walter Thom 11 Jul - Mar Lesley Thom Wainwright 25 Apr - 26 Jul Diana Thom Heycock aft - bef Elsie Thom - bef Kitty Thom aft - bef Montague Thom bef - Charles Alfred A.

Thom s - s managed by Howard Morgan last edited 24 Jan Lester C Thom Nov Illinois. Lena Thom Apr Wisconsin last edited 2 Jan Frances Thom Aug Iowa. Jean Thom abt last edited 30 Dec Alix Thom Sisson abt Jesse Thom managed by Jesse Thom last edited 14 Dec Thom last edited 8 Dec George Thom abt - abt William Thom - abt last edited 30 Sep John Thom abt Andrew D.

Thom s managed by Andrew Thom last edited 22 Aug Nicholas Thom s - s. Shannon Thom s - s. Arthur Ernest Thom Sr. Arthur Ernest Thom Jr. Warren Fredrick Thom - 13 Sep Edward August Thom 08 Jan - 01 Feb Anton A. Thom Prussia, Germany - John D. Thom s - s managed by Andrew Thom. Norman Parkes Thom Apr - 10 Aug William Thom Scotland - 28 Jul John Gibson Thom Ida Thom 28 Sep managed by Elizabeth Penfield. Thom last edited 12 Jul Bertha Thom Kruger Germany - Ann Thom last edited 5 Jul Eileen Thom managed by Jon Hall last edited 17 Jun James Harrower Thom 09 Apr - last edited 5 Jun Agnes Thom managed by Ken Russell.

Thom last edited 4 Apr Mary Thom 26 Jan Co. Unlisted Thom managed by Anonymous Paussa last edited 6 Mar Andrew Thom abt managed by Stephen Rettie last edited 15 Feb James Thom bef managed by Laura Bozzay last edited 12 Jan Mary Jane Thom Penny abt Scotland - abt Heather Thom managed by Jon Hall last edited 8 Jan George Thom abt Jul - 28 Sep last edited 7 Jan Mary Anne Thom abt Anne Thom abt 14 Jun William Thom abt managed by Dr.

Ted Vandevis last edited 28 Dec Louisa Thom abt managed by Leonard Gaudet last edited 30 Oct Bertha Thom prob. Germany - May managed by Robert Grow last edited 26 Oct Alma E. Thom - s managed by S Rice last edited 20 Oct Eliza Thom - managed by Ron Hallberg last edited 2 Oct George Thom 06 Jun - 05 Sep Unlisted Thom managed by Matthew Patterson last edited 20 Sep George Whitefield Thom 21 Dec - bef John W. Thom - managed by Katherine Benbow last edited 7 Aug Where this high Fort stood, must now be matter of mere conjecture, as no vestige of it remains.

Dunnotter, i. Dun Ottir, i. Dunnotter Castle stands at the western ex- tremity of Breddon Bay in the neighbourhood of Stonehaven. There is also a small Dun on a rock at the eastern extremity of the Bay named Dunie. Breddon Bay from the number of forts on it appears anciently to have been a place of great consequence. Besides Dun Bri, Dun Ottir, and Dunie, there is also a circular encampment 2 of several acres, nearly surrounded by the sea, and secured on the land side by a fosse and rampart.

It is an immense pile of building. R 1 Dunie see p. Banchory Ternan. The undermentioned are the principal names of the different portions of the Castle. Dated Dated A vault or dungeon so called on account of being the prison of the Covenanters. Dated An underground prison or Dungeon. Dated Supposed to have been the place where the family plate was kept. Dated Two covered gateways or the approach from the gateway or principal entrance. Century by the Marischal family". Duthie Duthie Mr G Smith There is a door about the middle of each side, and one with Gothic arched top at the west end, over which was a large window.

That this gable has been terminated by a belfry, seems to be indicated by the uppermost remaining stone presenting the appearance of having been chafed by the bell rope. The floor having been cleared of rubbish a few years ago, was found to be neatly paved with squared freestone slabs.

Smith Moro Esqr Stonehaven Mr G. Monro Esqr Longmuir's History There is much probability in the tradition that they were cut by Cromwell's soldiers. They do not appear to have been carried to the cistern in the Castle but to have terminated at the bottom of the ravine, at the Washing House, the walls of which were standing not many years ago". Now all removed. Longmuirs History P. Corp R. When besieged by Cromwell's forces. Munro Esqr. See Bowduns. Powie's Slough [note] "Powie - A young Turkey". Stonehaven Occupier Mr Duthie. Stonehaven Mr. Campbell Mr.

Gordon Smith, Warden of the Castle. Duthie Squarestack Mr. Smith Carmont Croft Mr J. Caird Chessarscroft Smith Carmont Croft Mr. It is said that a large Monolith, or standing stone stood on this hill, hence the name, literally "The Stone on the Hill". The Stone was blasted and used for Building purposes!!! Duthie Estate Plan Valuation Roll Tenant Mr.

Australia (Family Histories)

James Thom. James Thom Tenant There was found in the Cist a quantity of black unctuous earth and small pieces of bones in a decomposed state but no urn. The urns were baked and slightly ornamented by Cross lines. They were not inclosed in Cists, but simply set in the earth, and were broken by the finders.

Thom that, the Urns were not very much broken, and he states that he had them buried again at the places marked, which are as ac- curately in position as he can remember. R Stewart This was once a crofters residence. The Stones were taken away by the Tenant for building purposes, at which the proprietor was very much enraged, and Caused the place to be planted with trees to commemorate the Site.

The trees are now growing where the Circle is said to have stood. Bisset Briggs of Criggie Mr A. Fraser Tillymaude I can not make out the derivation of this name unless it be from "Gafur - A furrow for letting the water go" [Initialled] B. This is on the estate of Barras. William Clarck Tenant Mr. John Eddie E. Monro Esqr Factor Title Deeds The Schoolmaster is paid by donations from the Estates of Barras, and Dunnottar, and School fees, The School is attended by the Children from the adjoining Farms, and Cottages, and the branches taught are those common to country Schools.

Permission was given to Mr. Duthie a local antiquary, to examine the cairn, and it was taken down on the 30th. March Under the Cairn, and a little below the general surface of the ground was found a Stone Coffin, or Cist, measuring about 4 feet long by 2 ft [feet] 6 in [inches] across the ends, there were no bones in the cist, but a small quantity of Unctuous earth and a Small Urn, which had apparently been dried by the action of fire. The Urn was very rude in shape, devoid of all ornament, and apparently of a very primitive origin.

January a Stone Coffin measuring 4 feet by 2 ft [feet] 4', containing a Small Urn but no bones. I visited the place and inspected the relics on the 23rd. The urn had been broken by the finder in his eager search of treasure, but was not very much demolished and with the assistance of Mr Duthie it was restored in Shape. The Urn measured 6 Inches in height and 4 Inches across the mouth, was Composed of Coarse Clay, dried apparently by the action of fire, it was devoid of all ornament and apparently of very primitive origin.

The greater portion of this Loch is now marshy ground, with willow bushes growing at the north end. The property of the Trustees of Donaldsons Institute. Kinnear Esqr Factor Valuation Roll Murray Bart [Baronet] This name is very descriptive. R, Duthie Stonehaven Mr. D, Glennie Mr John Eddie Tent-braeck, barren, braeck-liggen to lie uncultivated" Jamieson Bourtreebush [note] "Bourtree Bush. A shrub of Elder". Christie Tenant Estate Plan. A chimney Gair. A slip of fertile grass in a barren situation. Christie Factor Estate Plan. Christie Factor Mr Smith.

Mitchell Mr. Duthie Mr. South west of Trelung Ness. Allan Taylor Chapelton Mr. R, Duthie Stonehaven Apparently a plate of metal, with which some Stuffs were Striped". Robert Duthie Stonehaven Mr. William Wood Stonehaven In the Autumn of , permission was given to Mr.

The inside was lined with stones, and small boulders, bearing the marks of fire, the bottom was covered with rude shaped bricks in a decomposed state, and under the bricks was a layer of Smooth clay about 2 inches thick, the entrance to the Kiln was by steps on the west side.

There was found at the bottom of the Kiln a large quantity of black unctuous earth, vegetable charcoal, and a small quatity of burnt oats and barley. The Kiln is situated immediately to the north of the farm house of Law of Lumgair.

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There is no mention of it in any of the records, for previous to it being explored it was always considered to be a Cairn. The rudest of these consist simply of shallow excavations in the Soil, of a Circular or oblong form, and rarely exceeding seven or eight feet in diameter. On digging within the area of the pit dwellings, a mass of charred wood or ashes, mingled with fragments of decayed bones and vegetable matter, are generally found, and their site is frequently discernable on the brown heath, or the grey slope of the hill side.

With this class also may be grouped the 'Picts' Kilns', on which Chalmers, Train, Sir Walter Scott, and other antiquaries, have expended much conjecture and useless learning. These are of frequent occurrence in Wigton, and Kirkcudbrightshires, as well as in parts of the neighbouring counties. They consist of elliptical or pear shaped inclosures, measuring generally about 16 feet in length and 7 or 8 in breadth, externally the walls appear to be of earth sometimes standing nearly 3 feet high.

On removing the surface they are found to be constructed internally of small stones, frequently bearing marks of fire. They are generally believed to be ancient breweries reared by the Picts for the manufacture of a mysterious beverage called heather ale. Sir Walter Scott suggests with not much greater probability that they are primitive lime Kilns. They are said by Mr Train to be invariably constructed on the south side of a hill, close to the margin of a brook, and with the door or narrow passage facing the stream". Wilson's Archeology.

Thom M.

Tenant Mr Robert Begg. Tenant Mr George Gregory. Those cottages are to be taken down during the present year. The motive power of the mill is water. This property is on the Estate of Barras. Stonehaven Mr Smith. Stonehaven Mr Smith, Stonehaven The property of Sir P. Keith Murray. This is under the Turnpike Trust, and by them kept in repair. Sir P. Keith Murray, proprietor. Sheriff's list of Meresmen New Stat. Minister Valuation Roll. Dunnottar, anciently spelt Dunotyr, is said to be a Gaelic word signifying a place of strength on a peninsular promontory.

On the. Note: There is no detached portion of this parish in any other; nor is there a detached portion of any other in this. A good substantial Farm house bearing the date of on a stone over the kitchen door. As ornamental sheet of water a short distance south of Fetteresso Castle. A large viaduct on the S. A large mill near the village of Stonehaven. A ridge of ground on the south side of the Carron Water near the village of Fetteresso, well known by this name. The only place in the parish to which this name can be applied is the KirKton or Clachan, formed by the Parish church, Manse, and outbuildings, which are generally spoken of as "Dunnottar".

Revd [Reverend] Alexander Silver Dunnottar. A fine spring well situated near the Manse of Dunnottar, but publicly known as the "minister's well. This name applies to an arable field, but is entered in the Valuation Roll of County as "Land of Barbadoes". This name is applied to a foot bridge, across the Carron water, situated at the foot of Arduthie Street Stonehaven.

A small bridge of two arches across the Carron water, situated near to the Mill of Forrest. The present name refers to a fine piece of pasture land situated on the top of a rough pasture bank; near the Carron T. A public foot path leading from the T. The woods around Dunottar House: the property of W. A dwellinghouse and toll bar, situated at the junction of the T. A small den through which the old public road passes; situated about a quarter of a mile south of Invercarron Toll Bar. This name is applied to a cultivated hillock situated immediately east of Braehead: property of W.

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A name which applies to a cliff at the south side of Boggarly Head. A projecting reef of rocks near the north side of Stonehaven Harbour. A fine bay extending from Downies Point to Garron Point. In the year , on the farm, and about 16 Chains north east from the house of East Carmont, there was found near the surface of the [ground] a Stone Cist, containing a small Clay Urn dried apparently by the action of fire.

A Crofter's residence on the Estate of Dunnottar. When the summit of a small hillock a little to the east of Croft of Garbetstrypes, was cultivated about 13 years ago there was found at the place marked a Stone Cist measuring 3 Feet by 2 Feet, and in the Cist was found a quantity of black unctuous earth, a Deer's horn, and an Urn similar to that which was found near East Carmont.

An extensive Plantation on the north Slope of Carmont Hill, and near the wester extremity of the parish. An extensive feature partly on the Estate of Dunnottar and the Estate of Glenbervie. On the Summit of Carmont Hill are the remains of what appears to have been a large Cairn. Stewart Brucklaywaird Estate Plan. An extensive ravine extending from the Parish Boundary near Squarestack, to near Garbetstrypes.

A name given to two Pools a little to the north of Chessarscroft on the the Estate of Dunnottar. A crofter's residence on the Estate of Dunnottar. This was once a farm steading but the buildings are removed and the house used as Cottar's dwellings for the laborers on the farm of Auquhirie. While lately converting the old farm house of Garbertstrypes into a cottage, Mr Milne, Auquhirie discovered a few inches below the soil, and directly underneath the spot [continued on page 29].

A small Den South of the S. A strip of Wood extending from Bardspark to the S,N. An elevated ridge situated about half way between the farm houses of Brucklaywaird and Auquhirie, on the Dunnottar Estate. This name applies to a small burn, from near Bardspark to the Carron Water. A considerable belt of plantation situated between the East and West Deer Parks. A considerable plantation extending from West Wood to opposite Forester's Croft. Mr J Keith U. A large, though not very high feature situated between the farms of Criggie and Toucks on the Estate of Dunnottar, Proprietor, William N.

When the ground at this place was drained in An extensive plantation on the estate, and near Dunnottar House. A small burn formed from drains a little to the South of Halymyres and falling into the Sea near Dunnottar Castle. A crofter's residence on the estate of Dunnottar the property of Sir P. Valuation Roll C. A crofter's residence on the estate of Dunnottar, the property of Sir P. A small farmsteading on the Estate of Dunnottar the property of Sir P. Mr R, Duthie Stonehaven C.

Opposite to the second mile stone on the road from Stonehaven to Laurencekirk, and on the West side of the Burn of Glaslaw are two remarkable mounds, or hillocks, planted with trees. A small farm steading on the Estate of Dunnottar the property of Sir P. A cave in the cliff opposite the Bowdens. A high ridge of rocks, extending from the base of the cliff to high water mark.

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  7. Estate Plan Longmuir's History. Monro Esqr Factor. A little to the north east of Bourtreebush are the remains of an ancient Cairn of [Stones] There is a tradition in the district that [a] battle was fought near this between the [Picts] and Scots, and on the moor near this, [there] were formerly several small cairns, which [have] been mentioned, there is no record of anything remarkable having been found.

    Munro Esqr Mr R Duthie. It is stated in the last Statistical Account, that there were in the custody of the late Mr Keith of Ravelston, and doubtless there now are in the possession of his grandniece, Lady Keith Murray, to whom the ruins belong, some old papers establishing that, during the contest between the parties of Bruce and Baliol, a fortress was built on this rock, by an ancestor of the family of Marischal, who acquired the right, on the condition of his erecting, in a more convenient situation, a parish church in lieu of that which formerly stood there another account is that a Sir William Keith suffered excommunication for having built the castle on consecrated ground, and that, by a bull from Rome in , his excommunication was removed, on condition of [continued on page 52].

    To this day, the name of Wallace is attached to an aperture near the great tower, through which he himself is said to [continued on page 51b]. The Sutherlands were succeeded in Dunnottar by Matthew de Glocester - of whom or his family we have been unable to learn anything beyond the fact, that, through disloyalty, he latterly forfeited the [continued on page 53].

    See "Blind Harry" - last extract Probably [continued on page 54]. Edward had appointed Roscelyn governor of Dunnottar Castle [continued on page 55]. Proceeding apparently on this letter as well as the advice of the Earl Marischal friends, the governor entered into a [continued on page 56]. On the summit of Blackhill there are the remains of a rampart very distinct on the north and west sides.

    A projecting headland about half a mile north of Dunnottar Castle.

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    This place appears to have been called Bre- [continued on page 58]. The Ruins of Dunnottar Castle are in a good state of preservation, but with the exception of Benholm's Lodge, the whole of the buildings are roofless, most of the walls remain entire, they are not so thick as the generality of the walls of ancient inland Castles. A large tower evidently the oldest portion of the Castle, Supposed by some writers to have been built by the Picts.

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    This is not a Spring A high steep ridge of cliff, terminating in a bold promontory. A small narrow creek, or fishure in the cliff near Bowden Head, Said be the place, wherein treasure from Dunnottar Castle was hid. An artificial cave or grotto cut in the cliff, near the entrance into Dunnottar Castle - made by Mr.

    A HillocK of slight elevation situated near the boundary between Dunnottar and Glenbervie Parishes, and about 10 chains west of Chushniecroft. A large Hill on the Estate of Dunnottar near the West side of the parish. A good substantial farm steading on the Estate of Dunnottar proprietor W. On a Small hillock situated about 8 chains west from the farm house of Clochnahill, there was found about 23 years ago A Stone Cist Composed of blue flag stones and measuring about 3 Feet by 2 feet. It is stated that about 40 years ago there was at this place a Small, but very perfect Druidical Circle.

    A name given to two Marshes near Tillymaud. A crofters residence on the Estate of Barras, the property of the Trustees of Donaldsons Institution. An elevated ridge of ground now planted. A ridge of Slight elevation near the north end of Loch of Lumgair on the estate od Dunnottar. Monro Esqr Factor Title Deeds. A small school, and dwelling house. An inseparable particle forming the first syllable of many words in the Scotch language" Jamieson. Near the north east end of Resting Hill on the farm of Lochburn, there was formerly a small Cairn.

    On the south west end of Resting Hill during the process of plouging up a small patch of moor ground for the first time here was found on the 22nd. A large fresh water loch Situated about 2 miles south from Stonehaven. A crofters residence on the Estate of Barras. A small farm steading on the Estate od Dunnottar the property of Sir P. A conspicuous, though not very high feature situated about 14 Chains South west from the farm house of BracKmuirhills on the Estate of Dunnottar. A good substantial farm steading on the Estate of Barras, the property of the Trustees of Donaldsons Institute.

    Valuation Roll Revd. A small farm steading on the Estate of Barras the property of the Trustees of Donaldson's Instiitute. Christie Factor. A comfortable dwelling house, having a court of farm offices, garden, and an extensive arable farm attached; and forms part of the estate od Dunnottar. A subterraneous passage under the cliff, through which a boat with Sails sit can pass, in calm weather, and situated between Tremuda Bay, and Thornyhive Bay.

    A long reef of rocks, visible at low water, and Situated between Tremuda Bay. A ditached rock, on the coast, South of Turturra Heugh, and frequented by Sea Gulls, for hatching their young. A large ledge of rocks nearly covered by the Sea at flood tides, and Situate South of Turturra Heugh. A conspicuous projecting part of the cliff immediately north of Trelung Ness, and a well Known landmark to Fishermen and coasting Sailors.

    A small Farmsteading on the Estate of Dunnottar.