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By continuing to browse our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies per our User Agreement. Book List: 75 titles. Unmasking the Maverick. Just What the Cowboy Needed. The New Guy in Town. Just a Little Bit Married. A Word with the Bachelor. Her Maverick M. How to Land Her Lawman. The Widow's Bachelor Bargain. An Officer and a Maverick. A Decent Proposal. The Rancher Who Took Her in. From Maverick to Daddy.

One Night with the Boss. Finding a Family Her McKnight in Shining Armor. The Doctor's Dating Bargain. The Maverick's Christmas Homecoming. The Doctor and the Single Mom. Holding Out for Doctor Perfect. Her Montana Christmas Groom. Silhouette Special Edition - To Have the Doctor's Baby. Cindy's Doctor Charming.

The Surgeon's Favorite Nurse. Taming the Montana Millionaire. A Nanny Under the Mistletoe. The Nanny and Me. The Doctor's Secret Baby. Marrying The Virgin Nanny. Expecting The Doctor's Baby. When A Hero Comes Along. The Millionaire And The M. Paging Dr. The Sheikh's Contract Bride. The Sheikh's Reluctant Bride. Crazy About the Boss. Winning Back His Bride. At The Millionaire's Request. Something's Gotta Give. Buy-A-Guy - 3 Silhouette Romance - In Good Company.

Buy-A-Guy - 2 Silhouette Romance - That Touch Of Pink. The Beauty Queen's Makeover. It Takes Three. An Heiress on His Doorstep. If Wishes Were Flirting With The Boss. Baby, Oh Baby! To Wed a Sheik. To Kiss A Sheik. To Catch A Sheik. The Summer House: Courtin' Cassandra. Sky Full of Promise. What If We Fall in Love? Destiny, Texas - 4 Silhouette Romance - If You Don't Know by Now. This Kiss. Crazy for Lovin' You. Shotgun Vows. Fortune's Children - 39 Fortune's Heirs - The Last Marchetti Bachelor.

Secret Ingredient: Love. Silhouette Romance - The Acquired Bride. With a Little T. The Marchetti Family - 3 Silhouette Romance - And Then He Kissed Me. The Marchetti Family - 2 Silhouette Romance - The Way to a Cowboy's Heart. Family Matters Silhouette Romance - A Vow, a Ring, a Baby Swing. Bachelor's Baby. Wedding Rings and Baby Things. Another written and illustrated by Eleanor Frances Lattimore is Fisherman's Son , published by Morrow, , pages. Small Liang is the oldest of fisherman Liang's children, and the only boy.

Horn Book says "their daily life on a river boat in China is told in ten chapters with simplicity and charm.

Pleasing, clear type and lively drawings. Yet another, but finally short enough - Little Fu , written and illustrated with lithographs by Raymond Creekmore , published Macmillan , unpaginated with map, grades "Fu has an eventful trip down the great Min River to Foochow where his father sells his cargo of tea. After an exciting day they go home in a new motor boat with steel sides instead of bamboo leaves. The black and white lithographs are excellent. Nu Dang's search for his kite, which the wind had carried away, took him far up the 'long brown river', through the Floating Market, into a small canal, through a herd of lazy gray water buffalo, past shops and a farm house until he finally turned home Not anywhere.

No kite at all. This is a novel, not a picture book, so it may not be the right one, but there are enough similarities that it might be worth looking up. There is an Asian boy on a houseboat and a scene with ducks, and the original cover illustrations are by Maurice Sendak fits the description you gave somewhat. Look at the library edition cover, not the paperback--both are still in print. Blair Lent, Tikki Tikki Tembo , The illustrations are in black ink with green blue and goldenrod blocks of color. It is about 2 brothers, who disobey their parents and enjoy their rice cakes near a dangerous well.

Teresa Southwick

When the younger brother, Chang, falls in, the older brother Tikki Tikki Tembo-No Sa Rembo-Chari Bari Ruchi-Pip Peri Pembo has no trouble finding help to get him out, but the next time they are eating their rice cakes near the well, and the older brother falls in, Chang has a hard time getting anyone to listen to him. There were''t any boats in this one, but there was a river where their mother was washing clothes. I am basing my guess mainly on the mention of rice cakes and the quality of the pictures. This really is the book you are looking for.

It was my favorite as a child and was delighted to see it available for my sons. I, in fact, found another copy at a used book store which is much older and beat up that I read to my youngest every night. Keith Weisse is the illustrator. You might be thinking about what the original looked like.

This is Weisse's trademark Crayola look. Quite stunning and the "wise eyed boats" are quite alluring. It is what makes Ping so charming, the cadance of the "beautiful yellow waters of the Yangze River," and the simple life of Chinese fishermen in the s. If such a book indeed exists, I want it for a friend! If he likes it, I want it for myself! After hours of keyword searches in all sorts of places, I may have a resource for you.

CThis query was also posted on the message board of the British Fantasy Society in February As of June, no answers. This query was also posted on the Alibris list. A number of suggestions were made, but no cigar as yet. CBeen a while since I've read it but the clown thing esp the illustration sounds a lot like Diamond in the Window by Jane Langton.

C24 Has customer checked Langton yet? I can ask a friend who has a copy for sale, but I notice there are plenty on the Net so I wonder if someone hasn't checked already. It might be worth looking at Erich Kastner's Thirty Fifth of May , published , reprinted and , pages.

It began at the magic door of a wardrobe, and led to the Land of Cockayne, where fruit salad grows on trees; the the Mighty Fortress of the Past for a hello with Hannibal, Julius Caesar and Napoleon; and on the Electropolis in Topsy Turvy country, notable for its school or unsatisfactory parents to be trained by children! Ages Hey, shall I buzz back to Junior Bookshelf for the late 50s early 60s? My first thought is Enid Blyton , because the structure is reminiscent of the Faraway Tree series And if it is her work, there won't be anything in Junior Bookshelf about it, for sure.

I'm pretty sure it isn't E. Doesn't seem like E. Nesbit to me, and I don't think it's Edward Eager or anyone well-known, as I posted it on a couple of fantasy boards and not even a nibble. The only other author I thought of was Margaret Storey , but couldn't seem to find anything of hers pblished prior to I hope it's identified--I'm quite intrigued by it. I'm sorry to say I can't be any more specific.

Whenever I try to remember more detail I think I'm just making it up from people's suggestions! The memory of the Coles Notes size and binding may be a completely separate affair too. Another memory that springs to mind, though again, it may be another book entirely, is a story wherein the "gateway" is the bottom of a helter-skelter. Did you ever come across a helter-skelter? Very old cheap funfare ride, consisting of a lighthouse shaped tower with a slide corkscrewing around the outside. One climbs up the interior stairs, takes a bristly mat and throws oneself onto the slide.

They scared the hell out of me, and having read this story where a little girl I think continues at the bottom into the earth and ends up in some spooky place, I never did try it. Thanks again for your help. I'll be looking at the King of Kurio this weekend. Well, still plugging away at this, though not confident about this suggestion either: The Thirty-fifth of May , by Erich Kastner , illustrated by Walter Trier, published Franklin Watts , pages. It began at the magic door of a wardrobe, and led to the Land of Cockayne, where fruit salad grows on trees; the the Mighty Fortress of the Past for a hello with Hannibal, Julius Caesar and Napoleon; and on the Electropolis in Topsy Turvy country, notable for its school for unsatisfactory parents to be trained by children!

C24 clown wardrobe: I'm wondering now if this wasn't one of the many British children's annuals or "gift books", and this may have been a single or continuing story in it, perhaps along with the helter-skelter story? That would tie in with the memorable illustrations and punning humour, as well as the difficulty in IDing it, as these books weren't reviewed and there were a lot of them. Still, we got Peter Puffer's Fun Book! C24 clown wardrobe: Not a solution, but perhaps someone looking for the same book - here's a description: "This is a book of children's fiction that I read in the s.

I am not sure when it was written. It concerns some children who go through an odd door in a wall and find themselves in a magical land. Fairly common theme but distinguishing features are that they can go up and down between parts of this land in a lift. The children make friends with a queen and her children who have been dispossessed of their kingdom - it is now in thrall to a set of 3 monsters - one is called I think the Hobbledee-something or other.

Amongst the 'goodies' helping the queen and her family is an Elastic Dog who can walk miles but leave his back legs at home. A memorable monster is a squirrel with an eye in its tail - if it looked at you, you went blind. I would be delighted to find this book - I used to have to check under the bed every night to see that squirrel wasn't there, but I loved the book.

London, Blackie This is a suggested answer NOT for the stumper itself, but for the related stumper mentioned with it, about a helter-skelter. This description is from another forum : "It is about Anne who is a selfish type and her punishement involves a spell in Topsy Turvey Land where she has to walk on her hands and is given the freedom to gorge herself on chocolate until she becomes sick of the sight of it. Similar aversion therapy techniques are applied to money, and by the time she is allowed to return home she is transformed beyond recognition.

Because the children show love to them, these figures become alive with lifelike proportions and take the children back with them to the Kingdom of Punch that Punch might regain his rightfl throne and depose the tyrannical usurper who has taken his place. Here we have the adventures of the children and their friends of the Court of Punch as Scara the imposter is overthrown. That matches the story in that the city mouse calls and is coming to visit the country mouse. My sister and I had this on a 45 record that came with a book when we were kids.

Good Luck! I don't remember it being on a record although it might have been but the local library only had the book. I use to check it out when I was about so that was about - I did search the website for the Country Mouse and the City Mouse after I saw the note on the bottom of mine, but I didn't see any that were published that early, so I will have to keep looking. I even went through the listing of books through the Library of Congress under mouse just to try to find it. Do you have any idea who would have written this one, maybe knowing the author might help.

Your website is really fantastic, just reading the others and what they were looking for also brought back some memories. I thank you for the chance to post it and hopefully someday will locate it.

All 20 "The Forsaken Prince" Lore Triumphs Guide - Item Locations [Destiny 2 Forsaken]

It was such a cute story with a big moral to it, as I said in my posting I can still see the pictures showing her dirty messy house, the cleaning up her friends helping and then the picture of her all dressed up in a clean dress and shoes red , looking around at her nice clean house, waiting for her house guest. Thank you again for all your assistance. There is a Wonder Book from Phoebe Erickson, ill. I've seen this one around; check for it -- maybe you'll be lucky. Well, if the emphasis is on cleaning for the visit rather than on country versus town, maybe: Van Leeuwen, Nans Spring Cleaning with Mrs.

Mouse Cleans House , by Alison Uttley, published Heinemann "Spring cleaning always means a day of bustle and excitement for the Brown Mice at the Rose and Crown, but the day that scoundrel Rat came to help was the most exciting of all. M mouse wears red sounds like C25 country mouse cleans up. A mouse in a red dress cleans house with the help of friends.

If it's the earlier printing it's not a bad match, though I couldn't find any mention of a visit as the reason for cleanup. Elizabeth Upham, Little Mouse Dances. It's not exactly as you describe but features a mouse who doesn't like to clean and lets the dirt and dust pile up while she sings and dances all day. Then she buys a new red dress and shoes and they get dusty so she eventually cleans them up then goes ahead and cleans up everything else in her house because she enjoys the way the clean clothes look.

At the end she puts on her red dress, red shoes, and a red flower over her ear and dances in her clean house. I hope this is what you're looking for. I have 2 really old craft books. Copyright by Simon and Schuster, Inc. Both of these are crafts made with at home items. Perhaps one of these is what they are looking for. Most are wooden, this book being published before plastic took over the toy market. Hence the toys you can make are much more durable than anything you can buy today. Our copies were reprinted for the 40s. They are embrossed yellow and red not green.

Lots of fun projects and readings. Don't know if thisis the series or not, as I don't know when they were first published, but it could be Frank Peretti's Cooper Kids Series. This just might be the Jack Dawn series by Joseph Coughlin. He wrote a number of titles in the s and one in the s. The book is very Christian, with more than one conversion and a fair amount of discussion of Christian behaviour, and the Orlis family does live in the boonies, at Angle Inlet, without electricity, television, etc. The title list on the back cover mentions Ron Orlis as well as Danny , but there is no indication in this book whether Ron is an older or younger brother, or adopted, or where he is the rest of the time.

I think this person might be looking for the Danny Orwell series--there was also a radio program that aired on Saturday mornings during the late s featuring these boys. I hope I'm right about Danny's last name, but the shows and the books definitely had a Christian theme. The boys in this series weren't brothers, but the two main characters were a boy named Bill and his best friend, nicknamed Poetry. The other details are similar to what you describe: Christian-oriented mysteries, at least one conversion, etc. Bernard Palmer was published through Moody Press and wrote other children's series.

The books are back in print and are readily available. Danny orlis also had an advice column in the Campus Life monthly magazine, as I recall. Ken Anderson, The Austin Boys, It might be the Austin Boys. Just wanted to say that this book does exist, though I can't identify it yet - several years ago I saw a description of it, and remember thinking it was a knock-off of the Chinese Brothers story. Five Chinese Brothers. This one is already listed in your solved pages. C49 chinese boy: There are at least two other versions of this folktale, one being Six Chinese Brothers: an Ancient Tale , retold and illustrated by Cheng Hou-Tien , published Holt , 32 pages.

The story is essentially the same, illustrated with scissor cuts in bright red and black. When the third brother runs afoul of the emperor and is sentenced to be beheaded, the fourth brother, who has bones of iron, takes his place. The emperor then tries drowning and burning but each time a different brother foils his scheme. So I don't think we have to be too sure that it's the Claire Huchet Bishop version C49 chinese boy: the Mahy version can be ruled out.

I saw a copy at a thrift shop and the story does NOT include swallowing large quantities of water. Instead the emperor is afraid of the power s of what he believes to be a single man, and tries to execute him in various ways. Six Chinese Brothers , by Cheng Hou-tien , is supposed to have pretty much the same story as Five Chinese Brothers but different illustrations, and is probably worth checking out. The first brother can hold a lake in his mouth, but a village child wanders out too far to pick up fish and drowns when the brother releases the water.

The emperor orders him executed by beheading, so he tells the emperor he needs to go home to say goodbye to his family. The second brother who just happens to have an iron neck is sent in his place. When the executioner breaks his sword on the brother's neck, the emperor orders him burned. So they swap in the brother who ca''t be burned and so on The stories with six or seven brothers are more about the emperor's fear of the brothers' power, and his attempts to prevent them from taking the throne. Zapf, Marjorie.

molly logan book Ebook

The Mystery of the Great Swamp. Same as E1? C56 creepy cover: after checking pictures on eBay, I have to say that unfortunately the Zapf cover doesn't match, neither does the cover of Ghost Boat , or The Button Boat. Boston, The Children of Green Knowe , , reprint. Rather than 3 children, there is an old man with an oar and a boy in the front of the boat holding up a lit lantern.

It's a spooky cover! Strange Monster of Strawberry Cove , late s. The cover description sounds to me like a Scholastic Press book I read in elementary school -- these were paperback books peddled in the California school system via a newsletter passed out in class. Can't find any record of this book in Internet searches, though there's a Disney? The lantern lights the monster's eyes, or something. BTW the title I supplied is that of the movie. The book title was at least similar but may not be completely identical.

It was MUCH more colorful--rather than two-color with black and white, brown and green, or green and yellow, this had a lot of murky blue, swamp green, yellow glow from the lantern. The feature which struck me most was the particular round, protruding characteristic of the children's eyes, giving them an eerily apprehensive appearance.

The style of the drawing, particularly those bug eyes, is very much like that of the prolific and popular artist Susan Perl. Whether that provides a clue I couldn't say, as I don't know that the illustrator was Susan Perl, or that there'd be any way to confirm it, such as an official Susan Perl website. No idea who published such books, but I'm thinking not Weekly Reader or Scholastic but some fly-by-night printer no one will have heard of. Normally, once I know the title and author of a favorite childhood book, it's been relatively easy to get copies for my sisters, but in this case my own copy is the ONLY one I have ever SEEN--that includes not only in used bookstores but on eBay or any other online search.

It was a big favorite and will go right in the glass case I've built for rare and hard-to-find titles. Vera Cleaver, Ellen Grae , I keep thinking that this might be Ellen Raskin's original cover for Vera Cleaver's Ellen Grae - the kids have dropped the lantern and are trying to get it back with the fishing pole. But I can't find a copy of the book or an image on-line to check my memory! Wylly Folke St. John, Secret of Hidden Creek , , approximate.

I think this might be the book your looking for.

Adams, Harrison

Don't know the story, but this person must find a copy of Crusade in Jeans by Thea Beckman. Won awards in the Netherlands, and is a great story of the Children's Crusades. The Chidren's Crusade ? Title was definitely "The Children's Crusade" but I can't remember the author. Used to get this one when I'd forgotten the title of "Crusade in Jeans" heartily agree with the earlier recommendation on this one, too!

Henry Treece 75, approximate Back again. Internet suggests the Author may be Henry Treece? This is definitely the book I remember, and involves the boy and his sister? C65 It doesn't seem to me as if this book quite matches, but here's more info: almost Little Goloden size; chipmunk mailman on yellow cover, putting mail in a mailbox. Inside, he makes deliveries to different animals in human clothes. Marjorie Torrey, Three Little Chipmunks, We searching forever for this book as well and my sister just recently found it and bought it - We grew up with Chuffy, Chirpy and Cheeky!!!

I read this book in a Wisconsin one-room schoolhouse in the late forties and then tried to find it for YEARS; I finally found one last year on ebay. Good luck! Since the poet is so well-known, you should have no trouble in locating the poem. Can't say the same about the book. C67 civil war era: perhaps Nellie's Prayer by George R. Sims , illustrated by J. However, the soldiers are in red with tall bearskins, very English and not at all American Civil War.

Are you sure this is a children''s book? It's a crazy story set in a town populated by clowns that does involve a missing nose one of the main characters is embarrassed by the fact that his nose is ill-fitting. Big Big Story Book. I have an anthology of childrens stories from the 's called Big Big Story Book. Mine is hardcover wtih a picture of a circus on the front. We'll see the World, they cried one day. And hand in hand they ran away. C85 El Cid sounds like I26 stories of heroes C85 el cid: well, Knights and Champions, by Dorothy Heiderstadt , illustrated by George Fulton, published Nelson , pages, includes stories of "twelve legendary and historical heroes, including St.

I couldn't discover the size or confirm colour illustrations, or any other definite characters beyond Ogier the Dane - nothing certain on Gawain or Horatio. Everything is ordinarily nice, until she finds an old bronze mirror buried in the sand and looks into it.

Hearing the tramp of approaching feet, she turns to face a company of what appears to be Roman soldiers. Her adventures go on from there C camping trip time travel: there is a short series by Meta Mayne Reid , including The McNeills at Rathcapple , published Faber "combines the family story with the magic of adventures into the past"; Sandy and the Hollow Book , published Faber "An exciting story of two children in Ireland who relive forgotten episodes from past history"; and With Angus in the Forest , published Faber "The story of a girl who went back into Irish history during the desparate times of the 10th century Danish raids, and found there an answer to her own problems.

There is also a short time-travel series by M. Atkinson, published Routledge , pages "Another excursion in time granted to the MacAlister family who break through a 'thin spot' in the region of Lymington and find themselves in Norman England in the 11th century. While it is a little difficult to believe that the children's kilts enable them to pass without a great deal of commment Burke are forced down in the sea on a flight to Athens and almost immediately find a 'thin spot' where they break through the veil of time and begin to live in the Greece of BC.

They are thrilled by their experience but frightened too, and anxious to get back home. At once he decided to invite four of his friends to explore with him. The effect that danger and fear have on the characters of the boys - bringing out both good and bad traits - is well depicted. For readers of twelve and over. Eluding the guides and the regular tours they go underground by themselves and are soon lost in a network of passages and caves.

The author combines vivid and realistic descriptions of the ways in which the children meet danger - how they avoid the rising tide, provide themselves with light, fires, food - with their interest in trying to find proof that there is truth in the legend that here once grew the great Forest of Cokelunde. A well-written, exciting and credible tale, translated from the French by George Libaire.

This is about 4 boys who find a cave and go exploring, but they get lost. They find an opening in the cave ceiling, but when one boy attempts to scale the wall, he falls and breaks his leg. They finally escape by swimming underwater.


Lots of male bonding, kind of like the movie "Stand By Me" but set in modern times. C cave exploration: more on the Richard Church book - "Five boys explore a Severnside cave-complex and find their way out along a subterranean river, after physical hazards and re-alignments within the group. In the sequel Down River, they surprise crooks taking contraband down river to a waiting ship. The only way out is through twisted passages and an underground river. Set in Nova Scotia, the story involves an old gold mine with many lengthy tunnels,- it is here that the children get lost. There was a book in the Trixie Belden series where the kids were in a cave, and there was an underground river.

Involved some kind of endangered fish called the "ghost fish. Enid Blyton, The Secret of Killimooin. Enid Blyton, The Valley of Adventure, s approximate. This third book of the Adventure series which also includes Castle of Adventure, Ship of I'm not positive, but the kids might very well have escaped from the Valley by boat down an underground river. I believe they talked about stalactites quite a bit too. The original Blyton "Adventure" books included terrific drawings by Stuart Tresilian which make the reader feel as if he or she is actually a participant in the story. They are now available as reprints in paperback with entirely different covers.

Taro Yashima, Umbrella. Could this one possibly be Umbrella? Momo receives boots and an umbrella for her birthday and then has to wait and wait for it to rain. She does walk through the rain in the story, to nursery school. It has a maroon cover with a girl in summer shorts and light top and an umbrella in rain splashing around in puddles. The cover and the Title somewhat matched your description!!

You can often find this reader on auction sites with photographs. C city lights: perhaps this one is too old, but Paris in the Rain With Jean and Jacqueline , written and illustrated by Thea Bergere , published NY McGraw , features a boy and girl with a big black umbrella in city scenes. The effect is really pleasing to the eye and consistent with the Parisian tour mood!

The copy I had was reprinted by Puffin Books in I don't know if this is what you are looking for, there is a part where Madeline is exploring Paris in the rain, or perhaps she was lost from the group. This is the first thing I though of. I hope it helped! The First or Original story was Madeline in the hospital had her appendix out I believe. But I recall one where she was lost or exploring Paris in the rain. NY Scribner Again, not an exact match. It is a children's Paris that she sees: the puppet show, the merry-go-round, the gay stalls along the Seine where she can choose presents for her friends Jean-Pierre and Patapon.

Uptown Downtown is the title of one of the Bank Street Unit Readers, which was a basal reader series featuring multiracial kids living in urban areas. It is out of print. Published by MacMillan in Edited by Irma Simonton Black. Illustrated by Ron Becker, Robert Quackenbush, and others. Unfortunately, I don't remember if there is a story about a girl in a rain storm. Gregg, Pauline, The Chain of History , This is a selection - probably a short story - in a high school literature anthology. I remember it very clearly.

Check out some textbook anthologies. I looked through the high school literature anthologies in the Library of Congress from the 20s and 30s without finding the story. More specific information would help. The story about the little old lady whose pig won't go over the stile can be found in the Better Homes and Gardens Storybook from , although I don't think any of the other stories described in the stumper are included in this anthology.

The Crooked Sixpence is in this book very beautifully illustrated. Unfortunately, I don't know anything about the other two stories described. I can identify one of your stories. You old street cat! Unfortunately "Crooked Sixpence" is not in my book but this info may further the hunt for your treasured book! James Thurber, Many Moons. This is a pretty unlikely match, but it does have some things in common. It's about a princess who wants the moon, and everyone the king asks explains why this is impossible, until the the court jester comes up with a solution.

Jan B. Balet, Amos and the Moon , A wonderful book! Balet's great illustrations show an old New York's different immigrant shopkeepers' windows in colorful detail. It is the Chinese laundryman who gives Amos the birdcagto hold the moon's reflection. C I checked google for Caresse When I tried Marie Laveu, there were tons.

Sherbourne Press, c Stern, Steven L. This may be too late, but the blurb says "In the blackest night the voodoo queen strikes with magic, terror and death! This came to mind because the Happy Hollisters books are mysteries in the same sense that the Bobbsey Twins books are mysteries! Before , approximate. So glad to see this request -- I have been looking for this same book for ages! I read it in , and it was not new then. The girl in the book is quite sickly, and she worships her big brother, the captain of the clipper ship.

The title might be the name of the ship. I too have been looking for this book forever! It's New York, not Boston, and Cousin Andy, not Lissa's brother -- but he definitely brings her the mini-croquet set, and it is a mystery. How lovely to finally own this favorite book of my childhood! A longshot, but there is an incident in this book in which the Nome King grows to a tremendous size and makes off with Ozma's palace on his head. The illustrations are by John R. Again, a bit of a longshot, but in "The Swing in the Summerhouse" there is a chapter called "The Man Castle" where Eddy finds himself inside his body as if inside a castle and must go up toward his head and awaken his senses.

David Weisner, Free Fall, Was it a wordless picture book? Boy falls asleep reading and dreams of flying, almost MCEscher-esque bizarre juxtapositions and connections. Leila Berg, Fire Engine by Mistake. I think it might be this, or Berg's other book, The Little Car.

Kornei Chukovsky, Crocodile. I can't tell you what edition to look for, or even precisely which fairy tale to look for there are a number which employ the three dresses, among them being "Donkeyskin" or the Grimm version of "Allerleirauh the Many Furred Creature " but I can tell you you're not going to figure it out looking under Cinderella. I'd widen your base to look at some fairy tale anthologies if I were you. This book does not match in all particulars BUT.. Princess Furball by Charlotte Huck , matches the other details so well! The three balls, the three gorgeous gowns superior illustrations with unusual textures by Anita Lobel Great version of Cinderella!!

See also the Back in Print page. The pictures were wonderful and I remember that Cinderella had 3 dresses because that was the only time I had seen that version of it. One as bright as the moon, one as golden as the sun and I believe the first one was red.

They were from Mc Calls. I believe the one with Cinderella had a pink cover. The other stories were just as wonderful. Be sure you look at the books on the Most Requested Antholgies page to see if any look familiar. Jane Werner ed. If "New Shoes" is actually "Choosing Shoes" About buying new shoes then this book fits in all particulars except Paul Klee artwork-but then again I am not exactly sure what Paul Klee bugs look like!

Check out this book at this site! Chris Crutcher, Stotan! This is a YA novel about a swim team. Don't remember anything about the word game This has to be much older than the 90s. I remember reading this story in either elementary school or junior high and I graduated from high school over Gasp! For some reason, I associate the story with the author of Follow My Leader. Did he write for textbooks or school readers? Any chance this was a short story and not a novel? This Scholastic anthology is from the right time and includes a story called High Diver , by John Ashworth. Franklin M. Reck, Thomas Y.

Just to confirm that yes, this has got to be the short story? The Diving Fool?! The new diving team member who? The first-person narrator, a generous-spirited old team member who recruited him i. The new guy had bombed somewhat in his first meet a few weeks earlier. The nice old team member whom the coach keeps saying is good, but not performing up to his full potential does indeed psych his new fellow team member up again, terminology not used back then!

It was decades later that I realized they were modifying the word? Anyway, what worked for the scared new kid worked for the other! By gosh if the old kid wasn? I even remember exactly the closing dialogue: The old kid says bewilderedly, stunned at his own success:? I did what you wanted, Coach. I talked him into it? The coach interrupted him:?

You talked yourself into it, you diving fool!? Wish all of us ever experiencing stage fright always had such a compatriot to talk us into the right frame of mind! In fact My sight-reading abilities, for instance, are really, really good. Sometimes I let nerves get in the way of the production of beautiful vocal tone, however! I want a companion on hand at all times like the old team member in this story! I couldn't find Snip the Tailor as part of an anthology, but I did find it as an individual book. It's by Miriam Blanton Huber Nisbet, French, Ltd.

Sorry, don't think this is what you're looking for. I found a reference to Snip the Tailor in Index To Fairy Tales, Myths, and Legends - 2nd Supplement, but I don't think it's the book you're looking for since it appears to be a school reader. Note: Wonder-story books reading foundation series. A good number of other tales were included in the reader. Byrd Baylor, The Chinese Bug , Could this be it? Illustrated by Beatrice Darwin. Wilbur, Richard, Digging for China , This picture book poem has illustrations by William Pene du Bois.

Doubleday, I also vaguely remember a very small picture book about digging to China with illustrations and possibly the writing as well by Joan Walsh Anglund. Hope this helps. A little earlier than the 's, but The Little Carpenter by?? Samuel Raynor, Series: New and true books for the young, no. Here is a link for Chinese Folk Tales. None of the books listed were the book I am looking for. I may have purchased it through a school book fair??

I'm just not sure. Please keep looking, thank you. Not a solution, but could it be an anthology of Japanese fairy tales, rather than Chinese? The first story described sounds like the Japanese story The Crane Maiden , about an old woman who takes in a crane during a winter storm, the bird turns into a beautiful girl, and the woman raises her as her daughter. This is definitely an anthology of Japanese folk tales that you are looking for, not Chinese.

The thief falls onto the wolf and each believes the other to be the "terrible eek. The date for Compton's retelling is too late for the anthology that you are looking for, but it sounds like basically the same story. A lot of the details are different than the book described, but it's the only thing that came up in my database search of kangaroos and wars!

They were known throughout the world as the "Stoppers of the Great War". Lady Adelaide, a boxing kangaroo, helps to defeat the German army, thus becoming a heroine of the Great War. Alfred P. Morgan, Boys' Book of Science and Construction. Another possibility is N. Stout: Boys' Book of Mechanical Models, Windsor, editor, The Boy Mechanic Book 3 , They consist of articles with diagrams for building all kinds of things.

Book 3 is subtitled " Things For Boys To Do" and has instructions for an aerial cableway, miniature tank, motor car, parcel delivery bicycle, etc. Hope this helps - just discovered your wonderful site tonight! Tomie de Paola, Bill and Pete. A possibility. Picture books about a crocodile and his bird friend who claims to be his 'toothbrush'. C I thought it might be this, but when I look at it, it doesn't seem to have the geometrical artwork that I think I have seen on a smaller book around here. This is picture-book size, with bold illustrations throughout. Kissin, Rita. Zic-Zac, the crocodile bird; a good neighbor story from the Nile.

Messner, , Junior Literary Guild. Zic-Zac and the Crocodile. Griffith, Helen, Alex and the Cat , Just a possibility - but Alex the dog thinks that being a cat is preferable to being a dog. The life of a cat does not require as much as that which is expected of a dog. Meader, Stephen, Bulldozer , I think this is it. I remember the part where the hero es? Meader, Stephen, Bulldozer , , copyright. It is definitely Meader's Bulldozer. I am a librarian in New Jersey and we have a collection of Meader books. Merritt Parmalee Allen , Mudhen. It is a long shot, but it is the only book of boy stories featuring one character that I know.

The Mudhen played a lot of tricks, too. Robert Newton Peck, Soup series. Just a possibility - I can't identify the episode, but I've only read one or two of the books. Could this be an episode in one of Robert Newton Peck's Soup books? I know there's a chapter in Soup where he ties people up with rope, including his Aunt Carrie, which earns him a thrashing. The episode described sounds like something Soup would do.

J amie Gilson , 13 Ways to Sink a Sub. I seem to remember the incident with string occurring in this book, where 4th-grader Hobie Hanson and his friends try to make their substitute teacher cry. Gilson wrote several books about Hobie and his school friends. Although it was published in There are fire breathing Cockatrices and a Gryphon.

Three cousins called Peter Penelope and Simon journey to the land of Mythologia where flowers never die and there are four sunsets a day. I think you have the title correct. Try this: Henry Schindall. Appleton-Century-Crofts, Let me know if you want it You answered my query C , but I think you chose the wrong book. I contacted a bookseller who has the book for sale and he said it definitely takes place during the Revolutionary war. I specifically remember that the period is the 's because the guy never tells the girl what side he is fighting on.

The book takes place over the 4 years of the Civil War. The Revolutionary War lasted 8 years. John Lawson, The Spring Rider. There's a young girl and, I believe, her brother. I am the original stumper requester- the book has an elf that they call a brownie apparantly brownies and elves are the same thing and one is grandpa and he falls asleep on a shelf, another loses his glasses, Mrs.

- Library Displays - LibGuides at Wichita State University

Claus bakes cookies for the elves, they feed the reindeer and on brownie spill red paint. Sparkie with George Hinke illus. There are a couple of things that don't match. No Brownie. Gran'pa Elf just won't wear his glasses. Everything else matches. The illustrations are vibrant busy oil paintings by Geo. At the end Santa returns to find that their cat has had kittens. Sparkie , Jolly Old Santa Claus , When I said that I was going by the 's reprint, which said it had the original story and all the original illustrations!

Still I had a sneaking suspicion that it was revised because I vaguely remembered some things such as the spilled paint and the elves going to bed which were not there! Nearly all the elves have been renamed, except Grampa. Claus in the kitchen with making cookies and when the work is all done she serves them cookies. If this is the book beware of the reprint! It is not the same but still very charming. There are sections missing and some new ones added. This sounds quite a bit like a book that I just recently refound for my son who was born in , so the right time frame. There is a lot going on in the pictures including pretty much every thing you mentioned.

I think it was originally written in Finnish. The genre is defintielty not in the children's section! It's definitely adult fiction I am starting to think it's probably in an anthology of short stories. This has some similarities to the short story "The Unknown Masterpiece" by Honore de Balzac , but I don't think anyone paints cats. In Balzac's story, a young painter persuades his beautiful girlfriend to pose for an older man, a painter who has gone mad over a masterpiece he has been working on.

It's a great story and the poster would probably enjoy it. Here are some more details: The trap that the people designed was a large hemisphere suspended from a pulley. I think the people wore pointy hats and rode horses. Could this be Color Kittens , the Little Golden book? This does sound like The Color Kittens, except that there were only two of them Hush and Brush , and I don't recall the colors as being pastels, necessarily.

As I recall the story, Brush and Hush were trying to create green paint, and came up with pink and orange before they finally got the recipe right. They then fell asleep and had dreams about some other colors before waking up, getting pouncy, and spilling over all of their buckets, thus creating all the colors in the world. Myers, Dragon Takes A Wife. There was an early edition of this book that might be what you are looking for. I totally remember that quote, also had the book in question. There was more than one in the series but the character boy dragon was called dennis the dragon and at least one of the books was named dennis the dragon.

I think the first one was about him going off to school. This sounds like the story of the foolish fir tree who wished for leaves of gold, glass and lettuce. See this website. Thanks for taking the time to send in this suggestion. The gist of the tree story is the same, but the book we're trying to find was prose. Any other thoughts would be appreciated. Bailey Carolyn , short story in collection - little fir tree? I tell my own version of this story. The tree is not a Christmas tree, however, just a fir tree in the forest.

It wants to have pretty leaves instead of ugly needles. Then when given a chance to wish, it tries for something even better than the broadleaf trees. It gets crystals and the wind destroys them, gold leaves and a man picks them. Then the tree decides to go with the original idea of green broad leaves, but a goat eats them.

Finally the tree realizes that it is best to be happy with one's self. The story in the collection is entitled The Pine Tree and is the same referred to by Caroline Bailey. This version is not a Christmas tree by a pine tree in the forest that wishes for gold leaves, then glass, then green leaves and is finally happy with the original green needles. Ursula K LeGuin, Catwings series??? Boegehold, In the Castle of Cats? I'm pretty sure this is one of the Cosgrove "Serendipity" books - not sure which one, but sounds very, very familiar.

B everly Nichols, The Mountain of Magic. A caterpilar that was scared of becoming a butterfly hatches out, and flies furiously to warn them. I think he dies of exhaustion. I told my sister the name and she said that sounded familliar, but we may be confusing our information?? We both really only remember the pictures in this book, so we have little other reference to go by Thank you so much for your help. Knopf, Hard Cover. Weekly Reader. Nice black and white illustrations. A classic kid's story of a family who inherits an apartment house in Palm Glade, Florida and the strange tenants and hurricanes that they have to deal with.

But again many thank yous for any attempt at finding this book for me! Hopkins Apartment" or something of that nature I'm still in search of this colorful thing and actually have found pictures of a wall painted with the same illustrations in the book i'm trying to find,,,but still no title I don't think yours is the same Blount, Iva M. Was your aunt from San Antonio?

Iva M. I did check with UT Austin library research. They say my aunt's poem is not listed in this book so I guess it isn't the book I'm looking for. But thank you for your trouble. I appreciate it. The Sigmund Press,