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Читать онлайн "Marching With Caesar – Civil War" автора Peake R. W. - RuLit - Страница 1

Browse all members Become a member Search Members. Very highly recommended. Browse articles by tag Choose a tag Browse articles by Author Choose an author During one of these forays, a potentially disastrous event struck the 14th and 30th Legions, the former being the reconstituted 14 th full of green troops, and the latter being one of the new Legions Caesar had commissioned after crossing the Rubicon.

Once they were on the other side of the river, a storm in the mountains higher upriver hit, creating a flash flood downriver. The flood sent a wall of water, accompanied by a maelstrom of wind.

Caesar's Civil War

It then hit the bridge that the Legions had marched across, sweeping it away and sending the debris downstream. The presence of that debris alerted Afranius that something was afoot, whereupon he sent scouts out who reported to him that there was a part of our force upstream stranded on the Pompeian side of the river. Afranius immediately sent a force out to trap our men on the wrong side, prompting a sharp fight where the Legate in charge of our foraging party, Plancus as I recall, shook his men out into an orbis on a small hill, forcing Afranius to reconsider any headlong charge.

Seeing the standards, Afranius called off his attack after a brief skirmish that claimed few casualties on either side, and once relieved by our force, Plancus marched back across the remaining bridge. A couple of days later, Caesar arrived with his German cavalrymen, and the tempo of our operations immediately picked up.

Marching With Caesar: Civil War

The day after he arrived, he left some Cohorts behind to guard the original camp, marching the rest of us across the nearer bridge to shake us out in a triplex acies facing the Afranius camp. This camp had been thrown up a few hundred yards from the walls of the town. Afranius linked the two together by a ditch where supplies could be carried from the town to allow men to move back and forth. Consistent with Roman practice, the camp of Afranius took advantage of high ground and Afranius sent his own forces out to face ours on the slopes of this hill.

That was as far as it got, however; he seemed content to let his men stand out in the hot sun, meaning that we had to do the same.

Marching With Caesar-Civil War

Unfortunately for Otho, his ascension corresponded with the rise of other would-be rulers. After just three months in power, he was defeated and displaced by Vittelius, a military governor who had been hailed as emperor by his men.

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The armies in Judea had declared their general Vespasian to be emperor, and in the autumn of A. Vitellius was marched half-naked through the city and murdered, and Vespasian was proclaimed the new Caesar. Despite having seized power in brutal fashion, he proved a capable leader and went on to preside over a period of relative stability in Rome. Credit: ullstein bild via Getty Images.

Rome was already straining under the weight of increased raids by barbarian tribes, and the sudden political instability launched a period of civil war that nearly brought the Empire to its knees.

Caesar Marches on Rome (49 B.C.E.)

Over the next 35 years, the Roman throne was claimed by a merry-go-round of several dozen usurpers and generals, nearly all of whom were eventually killed in battles with their rivals or assassinated by their own men. To make matters worse, the infighting overlapped with a brutal outbreak of plague and increased threats from the Goths, the Persians and other outside forces. As the mayhem mounted, the Empire briefly splintered into three separate states.

The first major controversy came in A. The Western Emperor Severus immediately marched on the city to confront him, but he was deserted by his men and put to death after Maxentius brought his much-revered father out of retirement to rule at his side. Constantine had formed an alliance with the Emperor Licinius, but he later turned on him and launched yet another civil war.

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When the dust finally cleared in , the Tetrarchy was dead and Constantine was the sole ruler of both the Western and Eastern Roman Empires.