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Your initial imprint on your customers is an important start to building a relationship with them. The good thing is that this impression is something you can control. The most successful leaders make an unforgettable first impression. They immediately reveal who they are, what they represent as a leader, and how they serve the organization they work for.

However, avoiding these conversations can lead to a lack of performance or to disrespect, bullying, harassment, missed opportunities, or financial penalties, which ultimately will have a negative impact on the company. During this session, participants will learn how to prepare for these conversations and receive a six-step process that leads them from preventing an issue to truly helping an individual. They will practice along with a seven-step guideline and script that helps them communicate issues in a respectful way.

Uniforms can be an effective tool for raising brand awareness or instilling trust and confidence among others. Sylvie helps them understand that professional appearance is so much more than a uniform. Sending a strong positive message requires them to take pride in how they look and to ensure that team members do the same to show unity, integrity, identification, authority, and professionalism. You can implement them for training before or after a conference to enhance and revolutionize the learning experience. Sylvie believes that emotions are the gatekeepers of our memories.

She does the unexpected, keeps them engaged and on their toes, and creates moments of surprise. To reinforce the key concepts of her topic, she lets them experience what their first impression actually says about them. These interactions bring the audience members closer to each other and closer to embracing the ideas Sylvie shares. If you are looking for a keynote speaker who will stand behind a podium and lecture about theories, Sylvie is not a great fit for your event, because she knows that speaking is never about the speaker. No matter the group size or format, your attendees will listen, talk, discuss, practice, move, vote, interact, and, most important, laugh with Sylvie during her presentations.

She uses modern presentation techniques that include live polling, social media communication, and much more. Each of her interactions with the audience makes them feel as if they are part of the story, part of something relevant that will help them far beyond the time they spend with Sylvie. The internet has fundamentally changed the way people find, discover, connect, communicate, share, and think about each other. Over the years, many of us shifted from an observer to a contributor, from a spectator to a participant, or from a private to a public figure.

And while you cannot control the fact that you leave a digital footprint, consciously or unconsciously, on the internet, you actually still can control what your footprint is. In my prior role as the head of an international management academy, I was responsible for hundreds of events, from small corporate sessions to large conferences and found myself spending days searching for the perfect speaker. Your professional reputation rests on the keynote speaker you select for your upcoming event, and I will do whatever is necessary to make sure you and your organization receive outstanding feedback.

I promise to make this a memorable and unique experience for them. Others might wonder what I mean by that. In fact, I take tremendous pride in being low maintenance and easy to work with. Instead, I know that it helps to understand what we can expect from each other. Sylvie was spectacular for our event of attendees. She personalized some of her message to our group, which was great. It was interactive and informative, our people loved her. Additionally, Sylvie spent her own time listening to our other speakers in order to integrate her message to the whole event.

She was also a pleasure to work and for our attendees to interact with. I highly recommend her for your event. Josh Hafetz President Art of Business. Sylvie spoke to one of the most challenging groups for any speaker — a room full of professional speakers. What she did was pure magic! From the moment she stepped on stage until the standing ovation at the end, she has the audience fully engaged. John Brantley President Auxin, Inc.

Her thought-provoking presentation energized the group intellectually and physically, as Sylvie had participants on their feet and interacting with each other in exercises that perfectly complemented her talk. Additionally, her grace and style illustrated the points she made during her presentation. Sylvie exceeded expectations with her presentation. I would not hesitate to ask her to speak at future events.

Monique Y. I invited Sylvie to present to our U. From the initial email through the event itself, you get first class — white glove — service. The uniform consensus among my team is that Sylvie is the best speaker they have had — ever. She captured the attention and imagination of every experience level in the room for over 5 hours years experience.

Striking the right balance between humor, tactful delivery, charming and convincing — Sylvie is a fantastic presenter. I look forward to her new book and working with her again. We have a diverse group with young women, mid career and senior execs — the session with Sylvie rocked for all of them! Absolutely Invaluable at whatever stage in career — attendees received a learning experience that will set them on a path for greater success.

Her workshop was a huge hit and enjoyed by all. One of my roles as a Vice Commander of an Air Force Base is to serve as the director for our various professional and personal developmental programs. Naturally, Sylvie was at the top of my list to book as one of our eight keynote speakers. Sylvie opened for our event and absolutely hit a grand slam for our highly successful event, viewed by over Airmen, Civilian Employees and Community leaders both live in-person and via live-stream. Her meticulous and flawless talk along with her dynamic speaking-style, content and entertaining audience participation techniques, kept our Airmen laser-focused on her delivery, message and her teachings.

This was a valuable part of her program given the diversity of our workforce. It is with great pleasure that I recommend Sylvie Di Giusto as an expert in the field of personal branding. Sylvie engaged the group from the second she stepped on stage. She is passionate, relevant, and provides an important message to anyone in business. Sylvie did an amazing job learning about our company, then she took that knowledge and created an excellent and interactive presentation that resonated with our people.

The team is still talking about what Sylvie taught us and what happens in those first 7 seconds after meeting someone. Sylvie came and gave a program to 33 veterinary doctors from all over the US. They work along with sales reps in the veterinary pharma industry. She spent a lot of time with me and the other director beforehand so she could cater her message to what we were looking for — and then she nailed it. It just so happened that we were having headshots taken by a professional photographer that afternoon and Sylvie helped everyone with clothes, makeup, questions, etc.

She even worked with the photographer before and after the shots were taken. She went above and beyond what we expected of her. She is a gem. Our experience with Sylvie was very positive from our very first interaction she practices what she preaches! She took the time to ask really good questions to customize her content to meet the learning needs of our attendees. She used her own technology to engage the standing-room-only packed session and produced for us after the event a summary from data she collected which will help us design continuing education.

I would hire her again in a heartbeat and highly recommend her to other meeting organizers. Sylvie absolutely changed my thought process on so many things. She is simply amazing. I have attended many conferences and without a doubt, Sylvie ranks at the top for her public speaking and impressive presentation. I encourage everyone, not only read her book, but consider hiring her to help your business succeed! Perhaps you have never experienced a session with Sylvie.

If there is anything you should change this year, that should be top on your list. Her ability to connect with a large audience, engage them, and have them grasp what they have just seven seconds to determine is exceptional. To date this program year Sylvie was the highest rated speaker and attendees still talk about her and how they can further connect with her. From the moment I submitted a request, asking for more information about her services and rates, Sylvie has been a consummate professional and subject matter expert.

She presented at our Aspiring Leader Program participants and also presented to all of our members globally. It was an open session. To help with our communication effort to our organization, she provided a marketing video on the upcoming speaking event, and she provided a marketing kit. This was extremely helpful with sending out communications to our members and to prepare for her presentation. I greatly appreciated. Prior to the event, Sylvie asked us to complete a questionnaire, which we completed a few days before the event. I was very impressed by how quickly and effectively she absorbed and understood the information about our organization and the goals of our event.

In preparing for the presentations, Sylvie was very flexible in understanding how our technology worked and how each location was set-up. And even when we experienced some technical difficulties from our end during the open session, Sylvie did not miss a beat. Overall, we received fantastic feedback from our members! The activities Sylvie incorporated in the presentation were impactful and fun. And members walked away with tools to apply right away. Sylvie was knowledgeable, relatable and very approachable — and that meant a great deal to our members.

We are looking forward to working with her again in the future! I brought Sylvie into our agency to help the Senior leadership with their presence, image, and style. What I got was a more than I expected. The material and dialogue were tailored to the audience, which made the information relevant. I would highly recommend Sylvie and her Image of leadership workshop.

Her enthusiasm and passion along with her experience in the industry will be a benefit to your organization and employees. Sylvie is one of the most engaging and creative people with whom I have had the pleasure to work. She commands an audience and finds creative ways to engage and educate.

Her experience and confidence are infectious and our conference attendees who were fortunate enough to hear her speak, left revitalized, informed and motivated. It was an honor to work with Sylvie and to read her recent book. What a wonderful talent and addition to any event or company! What distinguishes Sylvie as a professional trainer is the care and attention she devotes to her diagnostic and customization process, which includes a detailed questionnaire to ensure the relevance of her material to the outcomes we desired.

She truly delivered on what she promised. Sylvie was a pleasure to work with from the very start. She was responsive, well priced and accommodating to come into the office and meet with our team a few times. Her expertise in People Packaging and Image Consulting was clear from the moment we sat down with her. She exemplifies the characteristics that she teaches as well. The training itself was well organized and Sylvie immediately connected with the group.

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  7. Message text Max: characters no image or title Max: 60 characters message with an image or title. Action when image is tapped; set for the entire image, title, and text area.

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